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There is a way we work that gives a new perspective to business. The way we manage that brings a new meaning to business relationship. Where business to business transactions are measured on an index of joy. It's a reflection of the confidence of sheer professionalism at work.

Taking the load off the customer's mind; giving more space, more time to revel in personal joys. And get more out of life. Call it a technology of bringing joy to our customers. For when you have Kirloskar caring for your business interests, you have century old specialists working wonders for you.

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited. (KOEL)
Kirloskar Brothers Limited. (KBL)
Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited. (KPCL)
Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited. (KFIL)
Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Ltd.(KITL)
Kirloskar Proprietary Limited. (KPL)
Kirloskar Industries Limited. (KIL)
Kirloskar Middle East FZE. (KMEF)